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Boone's best-known writings are:

  1. "Introduction to Recycling," a series of lectures converted to an on-line book first published in 1997 and revised in 2007;
  2. "Introduction to Recycling: The Handouts," being a series of 20 or so handouts Boone uses in his three-day class on the origins and development of recycling;
  3. "Measuring Recycling," a 2005 unfinished manuscript which traces in some detail the development of official recycling measurement systems in California from 1989 to 2004 (now needing revision);
  4. "A Reader's Guide to the Climate Change and Recycling Webinar," being a re-edit of the 2008 Webinar produced by USEPA Regions 9 and 10 entitled, "West Coast Webinar on Climate Change, Waste Prevention, Recovery and Disposal."

    the cover of the PDF book View the PDF here Now available for download!

Just released! The first draft of Boone's "DIRECTORY OF AUDIO-VISUAL RESOURCES FOR EDUCATION AND TRAINING IN WASTE REDUCTION AND RECYCLING". This is an excellent resource for finding audio-visual materials about waste reduction and recycling for educators and trainers. Updated drafts will be made public in the future.

Boone is also the senior author with Tatjana Royal doing the major work of a project creating wall-panels devoted to explaining how and why certain materials are still not recyclable. The revision to ITR, the readers' guide to the webinar, and the wallpanels work were funded by small grants from the Altamont Education Advisory Board.

During the end of 2009 and into 2010 Boone hopes to present a series of illustrated articles that highlight some of the more interesting, innovative, or path-breaking work in the contemporary recycling scene. He also hopes, in the time remaining to him, to produce:

  1. a basic annotated bibliography of the recycling field;
  2. a series of bibliographies on specific topics in the field;
  3. a compendium listing all of the audio-visual resources available for public education in the recycling field;
  4. an audio-visual showing how collected post consumer materials are reprocessed prior to be used as feedstocks for basic industries (there is numerous video footage of curbside sorting operations but it's hard to find footage of the industrial, re-processing of paper, glass, metal, plastics, etc. stuff; and
  5. an up-to-date version of his "Measuring Recycling" monograph

Funding for items 3 and 4 is in hand but the work has not yet commenced.

Some of these works will be made available for download at a later date. Please send an email to the if you would like to receive an email when they are posted online.

Other Works

Boone also appears in the 2006 short film, "The Recyclergy" by Jeremy Kaller.

"For decades the San Francisco Bay Area has been a hub for the recycling movement. Even the garbage companies have a long history of recycling practices. After the first Earth Day celebration in 1970, community, non-profit recycling centers appeared in schools, garages, and neighborhood centers -- with the goal of bringing recycling to their cities. Now in 2006, only two non-profit recycling organizations remain in San Francisco. Despite the lack of surviving community recycling centers, the Bay Area is still home to a unique community of recyclers who push the envelope of possibilities. Featuring interviews with recycling pioneers and music by Rube Waddell, The Recyclergy is an entertaining examination of a fading subculture." (Source:

Learn more at or watch the film online at KQED's Truly CA page.