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Our Mission

The research apparatus in some industries is immense; think of law or medicine or almost any field of science with millions of pages of past experiences carefully recorded, summarized, abstracted, on-line, etc. Then look at recycling: five or six journals with lots of adverts, nobody challenging received wisdom, puff pieces everywhere. A few consultants have assembled useful libraries of a few thousand items but there are no professors of recycling anywhere in the USA; if you want to think and recycle at the same time, you're pretty much on your own.

CRR is a small step in another direction. It's a one-man think tank, run by a professional for professionals. We can't tell you how to recycle rigid plastics in your town, but, if you're willing to follow the leads, hopefully we can lead you to sources that will tell you enough about how this is done elsewhere to give you some useful ideas. When the federal government or the national associations get serious and organized about recycling, what we try to do here at CRR will be replaced with a more extensive and significant operation. If you look at all the effort expended to reduce energy consumption in this country; nothing similar has ever been tried in resource consumption. We recyclers are the step-children of the American environmental movement.

But for now, CRR is trying to make sure that all recycling professionals have access to the information they need online to make good decisions better. We'll get it together as fast as we can.